Monica Claudia Da Costa

I was referred to Dr Andre by a friend. I was already pregnant when I had my first consultation with Dr Andre, I had previously gone to another gynae that I couldn’t relate to and let’s face it, a visit to the gynae is nerve-wracking. Dr Andre was wonderful, friendly, caring, warm, professional and informed. I felt that my health and that of my baby were of utmost importance to him. Being a first-time mom, I had many questions which he answered with patience and understanding. The final touch…Dr VDW bought a Teddy Bear for all the babies he delivered in 2015 and asked us to collect from his office. I have never had that from a doctor before – WOW! I will recommend Dr VDW to all my friends…he is AWESOME!

Melissa H. Seretse – Botswana

As one of Dr Andre’s International patients for 2 years now, I have experienced his vast knowledge, meticulous attention to detail and excellent advice during every visit while treating my specific file and every issue. I can only assume, without a doubt, that is how he treats all his patients.

He and his staff are forever welcoming and warm, one feels at ease immediately when you walk through those doors. They are the first point of contact in his practice and it’s so crucial, as it sets the tone for the whole visit and they are just amazing, wonderful and helpful. (I once asked myself if these people ever have bad days 🙂

I personally cannot thank him enough for going above and beyond for me. I was in dire need of medical equipment that wasn’t available in my WHOLE country, which was completely unrelated to his speciality. He made some calls and sent some emails and organised them for me in the time that I needed them, for that I will forever be grateful.

“I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr Andre, he is my go-to guy.”

That is why I will book a flight from my country to come see him in Johannesburg South Africa, go for my appointment and fly right back the same day. I don’t see that changing anytime soon….. Unless he moves to Europe (the flight tickets might become a little pricy then) haha 🙂


Dr Andre was, from our first appointment, such a gentleman and he made both my husband and I feel at ease from the moment we walked into the door. He answered all our many questions and provided us with great advice.

When I was 19 weeks pregnant I was rushed to the hospital in terrible pain. I phoned Dr Andre and advised him that we were on our way and when we got to the hospital he was waiting for me, at the entrance, with a wheelchair. His mannerisms and presence calmed me, although the pain was unbearable. He ran all the test required, to get to the root of my pain. He even had the lab come to his rooms to draw blood. Results showed that I had a soft cervix. He took no chances and immediately booked me to get a cervical stitch.

Weeks passed and by the time I was 31 weeks pregnant, I just felt “weird”. I phoned him and he suggested that I rather come in. I left work early and drove there not thinking much of it.

Dr Andre ran some tests and it was confirmed….. I was in preterm labour. I was admitted to the hospital and my baby girl was born the next day.

During this time and during my baby’s NICU stay, Dr Andre was a rock for our family. He even visited our baby in NICU. Not once did I fear for my baby’s life because I knew she was in the best hands possible.

I truly believe that Dr Andre saved my baby’s life twice. He is a brilliant doctor and we are very blessed to have him as our doctor.

Chene & Ben Steyn

Right from the very start, we had an outstanding and caring experience from Dr Andre and his entire staff. With us expecting our first baby and myself having some medical complications, we felt unsure about what to expect. He made it very comfortable and easy during the pregnancy term. Dr Andre was easy to talk to and he was extremely supportive. He made the time to get to know me and my husband throughout the 9 months. The right amount of information at the right time kept us calm and sane. Up-to-date equipment and a modern practice made all the visits enjoyable. We highly recommend Dr Andre to all our pregnant friends. Overall a fantastic experience. Thank you

Lucy Hattingh

Dr van der Westhuizen is a truly brilliant doctor. Not only is he excellent at what he does, but he is a genuine, warm human being. He had to give me a very scary diagnosis, and his compassionate and authentic approach was exactly what I needed. Not the detached “bedside manner” some doctors would provide – just his authentic self, fully engaged. He assured me that whatever walk we had ahead of us, he would be with me every step of the way. And he was! 

He started off by doing something I’ve never seen a doctor do – he gave me his direct contact number so that I could contact him with any questions or concerns I had in the days leading up to the scheduled surgery (which as it happened was over a weekend). When I did send questions, he responded promptly and reassuringly. After the surgery, when the tissue results showed that all was well, he rejoiced as much as I did! Also most importantly, my recovery from major surgery has been amazingly fast and very comfortable. Thanks again Dr Andre! I think you Rock! Also my thanks to his staff especially his assistant, Sam who was accessible, efficient and kind and went to considerable lengths to ease the process for me.